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Here is a selection of the AP related pictures & photographs which I have acquired.
All of these images are subject to copyright, acknowledged below,
and may not be further reproduced without consent of the copyright owner.
Further pictures will be added as they become available.

Three views clipped from the photograph by Andrew Crowley.
Click the thumbnail for a full image.


Mystery Picture

This picture was discovered by John Whistler of Oregon, USA in a copy of The Military Philosophers. The inscription on the reverse indicates that the people are (L to R): BH, Anthony Powell, Lady Violet Powell, Judy Scott-Fox, Lady Rachel Billington (back to camera). The photograph is dated 14 September 1969. It was taken in black & white by Kevin Billington using a Rolliflex. The setting is the garden of Kevin & Rachel Billington's house in Dorset.

Lady Rachel Billington is the daughter of Frank, Lord Longford, so a niece of AP & Lady Violet. Having worked with Peter Cook at The Establishment Club in Soho, Judy Scott-Fox moved to California where she became a film/theatre/literary agent; she was at one time Kevin Billington's agent. She died of cancer in 1998. BH is almost certainly Bevis Hillier, biographer of Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman and editor of The Connoisseur.

My thanks to John Powell, Rachel Billington, Eric Dickens, Tony Rushton (Art Director of Private Eye), Steve Mann, John Perry for their help with the full attribution of this picture.

The Congressman at The Chantry
These five black & white photographs were donated by John S Monagan, ("The Congressman"
of AP's Journals). They were taken by John Monagan at The Chantry on 31 May 1984.
As before, click the thumbnail for a larger (approximately original size) image.

AP and The Congressman
Lady Violet and AP
AP, Lady Violet and
The Congressman
Lady Violet and AP
AP with Trelawney

Chantry Church Here are a few photographs of the church at Chantry, Somerset, the village where Anthony Powell lived from 1952 until his death in 2000. The church, built circa 1848, is the first designed and built by the architect Gilbert Scott. Photographs by Keith Marshall; Saturday 08 July 2000. Click the image for a larger version.

CC Int W

Interior looking west. Note the organ (partly obscured by a visitor) in place of the usual west door. (44K)

CC Int E

Interior looking east. (48K)

CC Ext

Exterior from the NE. (114K)

CC SW Window

South-west lancet window. (23K)

CC rerdos

Reredos. (67K)

CC reredos

Memorial plaque to Anthony Powell's parents. (29K)

Three miscellaneous pictures. Again click the thumbnail for a full image.


A Dance to the Music of Time
by Nicholas Poussin

Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial in London, at the reopening on 21 October 1998 after extensive restoration.

Dance still

Still from the Channel 4 production of
A Dance to the Music of Time.
(Sorry, no larger image.)

The following are further stills from the 1997 Channel 4 TV dramatisation of Dance.
All are Copyright Tony Russell/ Channel 4 Television, 1997,
and reproduced with permission which is gratefully acknowledged.

The pictures are in approximately the correct sequence and dated where useful.
This selection includes the "mugshots" used on the Character Models in Dance page.

Credits & Acknowledgements

  1. Anthony Powell photograph by Andrew Crowley reproduced by kind permission of David Higham Associates and Random House UK. Scanning by Chris Mote.
  2. Photograph set The Congressman at The Chantry Copyright John S Monagan, 1984. All rights reserved.
  3. Poussin reproduction from Mark Harden's Artchive.
  4. Albert Memorial photograph scanned from the Daily Telegraph of 22 October 1998 (as this photograph wasn't put on their web site).
  5. Photographs of Chantry church Copyright Dr Keith C Marshall, 2000. All rights reserved.
  6. Stills from Dance Copyright Tony Russell/Channel 4 Television, 1997, and reproduced with permission which is gratefully acknowledged.

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